1528 Highway 86

Spirit Lake, IA


Campground/Hotel - Resort

Cutty's is a private ownership resort club. With a membership you are given access to their indoor pool and hot tub, basketball & tennis courts, sand volleyball, mini golf, and paddleboats. They also provide entertainment, meals, and games. The main lodge also has a hotel and around these club facilities is a large campground inside the resort complex fences.
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Indoor Pool
Recreation Area
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August 26, 2013 starstarstarstarstar
The best that I‘ve camped! The grounds are very well kept. The people are very friendly.
August 4, 2013 starstarstarno starno star
This place is getting tired, very tired. The staff was great, and the rules are in place for a reason. That said, this place is just really dated and needs some serious updating. It is starting to resemble that "stuck in the 80‘s" theme
June 1, 2013 starno starno starno starno star
Parking backwards, a tire on the grass, false speeding tickets and fines for leaving your camp fire to use the rest room. Really! ITS TIME THE STAFF REALIZES WE ARE CUSTOMERS AND HAVE OTHER OPTIONS! I think it‘s time to give away the membership and move on!
February 15, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
I have been a member of Cutty‘s since I was a teen. Now my wife and I camp nearly every weekend available at Cutty‘s with our 3 young children, as well as visit frequently in the winter. There are many rules, but I have grown to appreciate them because the campground is quiet after 10 pm, cars are driving slowly through the campground and I can let my kids ride their bikes and walk to the playground without concnern for thier safety. Unfortunately many discontent members just go online to gripe without first bringing their concerns to the Managment or Board of Directors. You would be very supprised, as I was that there is usually a very good reason behind a rule made.

When you compare the cost of ownership and low camping costs versus overnight camping costs at other area campgrounds you will find the Cutty‘s Membership pays for itself very quickly and is available for use all year long!

I encourage people to check out the tremendous amenities and facialities. The resort is by far the best value , nicest grounds and facilities for camping in the area. the staff and volunteers are kind and the activities offered for the kids are great. This is a wonderful resort for all ages!
July 5, 2011 starno starno starno starno star
Wow! This place has changed, it‘s nothing but a old folks home. When your on vacation you would like to enjoy vacation, but some of the rules are way over the top. I know they had problems with trouble makers in the past, but come on kick them kind of people out. It made me feel like I was I was liveing, with my parents again. Too bad they don‘t build a casino there then the old people would have more things to do then just play bingo an shuffle board. So if you know of anyone that wants a membership I have one for free, you pay the transfer fees an the does cause im not paying next years.
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