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We go to Remington‘s at least once a month and have NEVER have had anything but the best in food and service! Can‘t wait for our next visit!
My family and I have rented from Extreme Water Sports many times. We have received great service each time. They have been more than willing to make reservations in advance and have also accommodated us when we need to change time due to weather. During our most recent rental we rented a ski boat and a tube. We had a great time, we were given a thorough explanation of how to operate the boat and where we could and could not go. They also advised us to go to particular spots which would be calmer water and less crowded. The boat had more than enough power to tow the tube. We enjoyed our time on the water and plan to be back again in the future.
Bud‘s Pub could be best in the Lakes Area, but staffing hurts its potential. It‘s either packed (rarely) or barren (often), plus it‘s over priced--think "snotty." With quality chefs, choice specialties, and a renewed advertising campaign, Bud‘s Pub could be the best place in town. Sad: The ambiance and views are great, the rest is not. I like Bud‘s Pub for noon burgers but not for romantic evenings, which could be so good at.
Awesome omelets, great burgers. service has always been great for me. I go every Sunday, and many others. Have never had a bad experience.
It‘s a state park people reservations are on line. The phone is in a shack that some college kid sits in a few hours a day. The office is in another park. They didn‘t even accept reservations until 2010.